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Samantha Fashler

Samantha is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at York University working under the supervision of Dr. Joel Katz. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) where she worked as the lab manager for Dr. Ken Craig in the UBC Pain Lab before moving to Toronto to pursue graduate studies.

While at UBC, she developed an interest in how attentional factors influence pain perception. She conducted two studies for her Master’s degree using eye-tracking technology to investigate attention in people with pain and has plans to continue this line of research for her dissertation. In addition to research, Sam also continues to work with Dr. Craig, Editor-in-Chief, on the Canadian Pain Society’s journal Pain Research & Management where she serves as the Editorial Assistant.

Her clinical interests include practicing and leading mindfulness groups. She is the project coordinator for the Canadian Pain Coalition’s “Report Card on Pain” that aims to identify gaps in pain services in Ontario to create a platform for increasing health care resources and improving quality of life of individuals living with pain.