À propos de nous

Louise Carbonneau Vermeiren

Graduated from nursing in 1972 in Jonquière, Québec. Subsequently I practiced for a few years at St François d’Assise Hospital in Québec city. Following a work injury, numerous epidurals, myelograms and a laminectomy, and experiencing chronic pain without finding any realistic solutions other than more surgeries, I reoriented my career into administration in order to palliate the physical workload expected from nursing. My work experience ranges from bookkeeping, administrative assistant, claim officer, management, and lastly the most important - artist @ heart. I held various positions at the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Attorney General, Family Support Plan (defunct) and finally Ministry of Health, Claims and Registration. In 2004, the results of an MRI and the medical reports from work comp files confirmed that a man made disorder - arachnoiditis - was the culprit of escalating chronic pain levels. That year, I became officially disabled under the terms of the law and adjusted to a wheelchair. Over the years, I became involved with advocacy about arachnoiditis, created my website www.arachnoiditiscanada.com and joined many online groups in order to continue medical research, conduct surveys and link with many arachnoiditis patients across the world and continued to exchange information. In 2009, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an inevitable consequence of the current inflammation of the spinal nerves.

I have been involved in charitable work for most of my life, most recently as a member of the Board of Directors of the Port Stanley Festival Theatre for 7 years which encompasses being accountable for the Treasury for two years. I am also a Director of the Port Stanley Village Association and Chair of the Professional Artshows Event.

Lastly, I am a visual artist who enjoys painting portraits with oil pastels and have studied Rembrandt and Renoir’s techniques. I also enjoy painting on glass, using the old technique of reverse painting. I also teach Business side of the Arts at Fanshawe College.

My goal is to work towards bringing awareness against invasive medical procedures, to alleviate chronic pain via medications from different origins such as allopathic and/or integral-functional herbal and complementary medicine. I also believe in sharing information, helping others to eliminate depression that is so prevalent with chronic pain and bring sound research to each individual in need. I also promote the creation of a web of helping people who are in need of technical support in terms of workers compensation rules and regulations, Canada Pension Plan Benefits directives, various offices across Canada in regards to health benefits, community help and financial support in times of need for each individual who is suffering silently and is trying to find his/her way through the myriad of documents needed to achieve financial stability while taking powerful drugs.

I am currently walking with a cane, and will continue improving my levels of pain through walking, swimming, bicycling and self-support books. I take a strong opioid to relieve the neuropathic pain and add herbal supplements to counteract side effects and to aid in relieving the pain. Furthermore, I am blessed with a husband who understands the complexities of my disorders and the different moods involved.

My motto: To live in the present, don’t look behind, go forward, the future looks bright. With great humility, I submit to you this thought: You can help yourself only if you allow yourself to achieve it.

Toutes mes amitiés à tous.
Louise Carbonneau Vermeiren