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Bill Chedore, Treasurer

As current National Coordinator for the Canadian Injured Workers Alliance (CIWA) Bill is responsible for Coordinating with individuals and supportive groups to build provincial and territorial injured workers organizations across Canada. He is also responsible for fundraising and dealing with the preparation of reports and the funding application process with major funders.

Before retiring from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) in 2009, Bill held a number of positions including National Director for Special Projects, Ontario Regional Director, National Coordinator Health Safety & Environment and National Coordinator for Educational Services. In this latter position, Bill Coordinated the National education budget and prepared financial and program reports for the CLC National Executive and for the Federal Government.

While working for the CLC Bill was responsible for Health & Safety files related to federal regulatory matters and also worked with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) on developing national standards related to Health and Safety. During that time Bill was appointed by Federal Minister of Health to the Hazardous Materials Information Revue Commission.

Bill and his wife Terrie live in Iroquois Ontario.