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Beverley McKeen

Beverley McKeen has worked in the fields of education and fitness for 35 years, as a youth worker and a lifeguard/swimming/fitness instructor. It was during her 25 years in education that Beverley developed her skills in health and safety as a regular weekend and weeklong facilitator for CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees). She facilitated at regional, provincial and national health and safety conferences. Teaching in the adult classroom about safety in the workplace gave her invaluable insights into the processes faced by many injured workers and particularly about subsequent pain experiences, as relayed by the students.

Beverley served on her employer joint union/management health and safety committee, as well as at the CUPE district council and provincial health and safety committee levels. She served consistently between 1988 and 2011.

After Beverley was involved in two significant motor vehicle accidents, she personally became aware of the issues surrounding chronic pain. In 2010 she became a new BC representative for the Canadian Injured Workers Alliance.

Beverley is a singer-songwriter currently working on her third CD of original songs. She performs at festivals, coffeehouses, pubs, concerts, celebrations and just about anywhere music is enjoyed. She has one amazing daughter, who is 22 years old.