National Pain Awareness Week

Pain Awareness Week 2005


The Canadian Pain Coalition saw the fruition of concerted efforts in the launching of the first National Pain Awareness Week, the first week of November. There were many activities across the country with the purpose of raising awareness about the prevalence of pain in this country and the need for more recognition and better treatment of it. There were over 50 television and radio coverage events across the country during the same week as the US presidential elections!

In Parliament, in the Senate, a Motion to Declare National Pain Awareness Week the first week of November presented by Senator Yves Morin, was passed on November 4.

In Toronto where the central activities were focused, there was a symposium for health care practitioners as well as patients that was sponsored by the Wasser Pain Center and the University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Pain. The highlight was a
panel presentation by patients telling their story in dramatic monologue sequence. It was very powerful and moving.

A Gala was held the evening of November 3 wi t h 200 people attending. Mary Walsh
was the speaker at the evening, and Michael DeGroote Jr. read the Motion from Senator Morin. The band was wonderful and great fun was had by all.

Across the country there were other activities:

  • In Halifax, a pain symposium
  • In Rockland ON, Mordon and Winnipeg MA information sessions, eg in pharmacies
  • In Calgary radio information session resulting in telephone calls from listeners
  • In Edmonton an all day pain symposium with patients and professionals presenting
  • In Maple Ridge, BC Public information session
  • In Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell proclaimed Pain Awareness Week

More groups are joining the CPC, including most recently L’Association Québécoise de la Douleur Chronique as well as the Pain Clinic Directors.

An application for incorporation of the CPC has been submitted and is expected to be processed quickly. Monies raised from the gala and other donations to the CPC from industry will be used to aid the momentum to the public awareness campaign of the CPC as well as to patient groups for specific activities. The CPC will meet on the Sunday following the CPS meeting in Halifax for its first official membership meeting to elect officers and make strategic plans.

National Pain Awareness Week is the first week of November. Start planning now for
events to promote awareness of the problem of pain!

Dr. Celeste Johnston
Past-President, CPS