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NeP kNOw More 2007 Podcasts

The NeP kNOw More 2007 podcast series are edited audio recording of each doctor’s presentation at the public forums with an introduction done by Charmaine Crooks, the national spokesperson last year.

Each public forum featured a different Canadian physician who talked about neuropathic pain and provided a hopeful perspective for patients and their families. The goal of the public forums series is raise awareness of neuropathic pain and to change attitudes and opinions on its causes, treatments and diagnosis, as well as to educate about advances in research and treatment.

Neuropathic pain, often referred to as “nerve pain”, is a disease caused by injury or dysfunction of the nerves, spinal cord or brain. It is estimated that 2.2-million Canadians suffer from neuropathic pain, often in combination with other types of pain such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and migraine headaches. Other causes of neuropathic pain include diabetes, shingles or herpes zoster, pain following a stroke, multiple sclerosis and limb amputation.

Putting Neuropathic Pain on the Podium is sponsored through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Canada.

Calgary – Dr. Toth: Click to play

This episode features Dr. Cory Toth, the director of the Neuropathic Pain Clinic at the Calgary Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Toth is currently studying the causes – and possible cures – of neuropathic diseases.
Dr. Toth's presentation took place May 8, 2007 in Calgary.

Vancouver – Dr. Squire: Click to play

This episode features Dr. Pamela Squire who has worked on the Vancouver Coastal Health Regional Pain Strategy. As you will hear, she is passionate about educating Canadians living with neuropathic pain so that they are able to take control of their illness.
Dr. Squire’s presentation took place June 18, 2007 in Vancouver.

Montreal – Dr. Ware: Click to play

Dr. Mark Ware is featured in this episode. He is an assistant Professor in Anaesthesia and Family Medicine at McGill University and Associate Medical Director of the MUHC Pain Clinic. As you will hear, Dr. Ware is dedicated to helping patients understand their disease and manage their own treatment path.
Dr. Ware’s presentation took place September 26, 2007 in Montreal.

Halifax - Dr. Beauprie: Click to play

This episode features Dr. Ian Beauprie, anaesthetist, Pain Management Unit, CDHC and Associate Professor of Anaesthesia and Neurology, Dalhousie University. Dr. Beauprie regularly participates in patient education and awareness sessions, helping patients to better understand and manage their disease.
Dr. Beauprie's presentation took place January 16, 2008 in Halifax.

Neil Pearson's 2007 Webcast
Neil Pearson, MSc, BScPT, BA-BPHE, Cert MDT, CYT

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