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CTV 3 Part Series on Chronic Pain

February 5, 2013 » Waterloo

Dear CPC members,

CPC highlights pain issues in CTV 3 Part Series on Chronic Pain that achieves national exposure.
We are delighted to inform you about a three part CTV news series on chronic pain that improves awareness of pain issues facing Canadians and highlights the need for multidisciplinary management of chronic pain.

The link to the first video in the series, which aired on Monday, February 4 is http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/one-in-five-canadians-suffer-from-chronic-pain-1.1142695. The link for the February 6-7 segments is http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca.

Please share the links with family, friends, colleagues and your health professionals to help improve pain awareness in your region.

This series is going national! Watch for the series on the website of your local CTV station.

CPC thanks The Arthritis Society and CPC volunteers and their health care providers for appearing on camera. A special thank you goes to Mr. David Imrie of CTV News Southwestern Ontario for producing the series.

Lynn Cooper