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Knot of Pain

Not just a Knot of Pain

This jewellery design has a special, inspiring meaning for the Canadian Pain Coalition and is known as the Knot of Pain. Created by Canadian jewellery designers Cindy McGuirk and Christine Cole, each unique piece features a cluster of colorful beads protectively nestled with a silver‐plated spiral framework. The cluster connects to a prominent bead at the base representing wellness. The Knot of Pain reminds us that although we may suffer with acute, episodic, or chronic pain, the pain does not define who we are, and that living a happy life in spite of pain is within each of us.

The Canadian Pain Coalition is proud to have these "Knots of Pain" Necklaces and Clusters available for sale. With the purchase of one of these unique pieces, you are contributing towards the fundraising efforts of the Canadian Pain Coalition. With funding such as this, the CPC is able to continue its Pain Awareness efforts across Canada.

Colors available in both the Necklace and the Cluster are: Black, Brown/Beige, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Royal Blue, Green, Turquoise and Red.

There is also a shipping charge of $10.00 per piece. See the Order Form that follows and also online.

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