About Us

About Us

The Canadian Pain Coalition is a partnership of pain consumer groups, health professionals who care for people in pain, and scientists studying better ways of treating pain. Our goals as an organization are:

  • Increasing recognition by public and professionals that chronic pain is a disease,
  • Promoting Best Practice guidelines for the treatment of pain,
  • Reducing new cases of chronic pain through better treatment of acute pain,
  • Increasing number of specialized facilities to treat chronic pain adequately,
  • Increasing research activities into novel treatments of intractable pain.
The CPC achieves these goals through:
  • Developing educational programs for the public,
  • Informing government about the needs of the pain community,
  • Increasing media coverage of pain.
  • Developing our website www.canadianpaincoalition.ca, that will become a powerful educational and information tool.

Helen Tupper and Celeste Johnston:
Visionaries in Canadian Pain Awareness

Article Written By: Lynn Cooper (PDF)
Article first appeared in the Summer 2007 CPS Newsletter

CPC was Incorporated on October 29, 2004