About Us

Lynn Cooper, BES, President

Lynn Cooper has worked as a volunteer for 20 years independently and with various organizations that have addressed the complex issues relating to the understanding, research and management of chronic pain. Every day, Lynn lives with persistent pain that resulted from an office accident in 1986. Following her personal motto, “See the need, rise to the challenge, and take action to help”, Lynn works so that Canadians will have better access to more effective treatment, medications, and social and financial support related to pain issues. She believes that no one should suffer from pain. As President of the Canadian Pain Coalition, Lynn is currently working on various projects that support public education about pain across Canada. She recognizes the importance of people having the opportunity to learn how to manage their pain effectively. Lynn knows, from personal experience, that “living well” in spite of the pain requires a shift in attitude and an adaptive lifestyle that acknowledge the pain but are not ruled by the pain. Lynn is the parent to a very busy teenage daughter. She relaxes at the piano and behind the camera lens photographing nature.